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8 Photos with facts That Will Make You Forget That Bobrisky Used To Look Like A Man | All Comments

2021-02-06 15:35:13
The Nigerian transgender Bobrisky surprised everyone when she finally turned into a full transgender.She used to look like a man with mustache and beard.This is a beautiful picture of her in her African wear. ...
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  • Eaglespeed

    02-06 17:40:46

    haha this girlboy serious ooo

  • ballinjuice

    02-06 16:48:28

    real transformation

  • ballinjuice

    02-06 16:51:39

    But Bobrisky is really bold to do total transformation on her body

  • ballinjuice

    02-06 16:48:54

    Bobrisky on the rise

  • ballinjuice

    02-09 18:30:09

    Bobrisky go kill person

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