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Apostle Korankye-Ankrah Daughter's Pictures Cause Stir - See PICS for Yourself | All Comments

2021-02-19 11:25:15
Rev.Sam Korankye-Ankrah’s life is a momentous testimony to the transforming power of the Word of God.Growing up in a typical polygamous African family was tortuous for him. ...
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  • sweetieNunoo

    02-19 14:05:18

    I see


    02-19 13:30:16


  • Tonybaster

    02-20 08:44:54

    The leadership fraternity of the church is enjoying very well

  • danielkumi

    02-20 13:17:54

    'Newsless" blogger! Go out there and get news! Lazy Fellow!

  • GyimiJay_01

    02-19 19:14:40

    the church has lost its focus, what has this to do with the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ. we have allowed the world to eat so much into the church, that the two have be inseparable, gross darkness is covering the earth, and church seem unconcerned, but rather following useless things. why? so called fathers of the land, wakeup, for the church is becoming, powerless and weaker each day, specifically the charismatic ones.

  • +233-24464****

    02-20 05:05:59

    God keep you

  • GyimiJay_01

    02-19 19:05:28

    lt really looks, like the church has lost its focus what does this have to do with the gospel of Christ. Christians let's be serious for ones, specifically the charismatic church's, they are becoming useless and powerless every day, because of their conformity to the kingdoms of this world. we must repent now. for this world isn't our home.

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