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Never again allow him to Minister in our lives, he has already failed - Prophet Kofi Oduro | All Comments

2021-02-12 15:53:36
The founder and General Overseer of Alabaster International Ministries (Alabaster House Chapel), Prophet Kofi Oduro who is a dynamic and prolific preacher who teaches the word of God with Power, Clarity, deep insights and revelations has given a warning " ...
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  • GUEST_lMJzkPgqk

    02-12 20:24:33

    He has nothing to say only bragging nkoaaa


    02-13 19:39:23

    do people understand the content and are ignorantly insulting the preacher or out of acrimony. let's be cautious of our actions

  • HarryHarri

    02-12 18:52:30

    All these does not make any difference...preach your Bible and let everyone be...who is perfect ? Are you ?

  • SabinoAnmens

    02-13 13:39:29

    Pastors are also Ghanaians and have the right to speak about issues in Ghana

  • RichardAsueme

    02-12 20:16:12



    02-13 18:11:38

    It's true of the former Education Minister , but how about Haruna Idrissu himself, is he any different? Pride and easy means of attaining wealth and fame have made the former irresponsible and heartless whilst the latter doesn't have respect for the elderly like Prof Mike Oquaye ! Remember?

  • GUEST_Y1pYdld6M

    02-13 17:38:02

    Never give a place to the devil, meaning (Faith properly placed in the Cross gives Satan no place.) False Doctrine will put us in HELL please read your own Bible, these so call pastors they are human like we.

  • GUEST_yv3AY357n

    02-13 09:03:37

    Don't be coward, pastor

  • Gracework

    02-13 21:25:37

    You said the Man of God delivers the word of God with clarity, so why didn't you go straight to the point and tell us who he is talking about? why distort his message? Some people are already prejudiced about him so when you report like this you give them the opportunity to say nonsense...

  • SabinoAnmens

    02-13 13:25:59

    Let's sometimes respect the minds of our Prophets men of God

  • ErnestDebra

    02-13 06:53:10

    Osafo Marfo in my mind,

  • GUEST_9GpAnrRmO

    02-13 01:28:54

    Now I can see that most Ghanaians don't like reading koraaaa. The man is not talking about politics but Satan as a senior minister in heaven who was overthrown

  • TornuJohn

    02-12 20:28:26

    God bless you for the revelation

  • GUEST_1qdLa4mj7

    02-12 20:09:48

    you can choose to leave the country. foolish so called prophet.

  • GUEST_2Nna81bx4

    02-13 17:22:23

    woaa look these ppl oo you create a different impression and write a different story all together..look when you keep on doing this,soon no one will read your deceptive stories wai.. waiting our data kwa.... nonsense


    02-12 18:04:51

    a soo called a prophet eho has dabble himsrlf in politics its a shame


    02-14 10:31:10


  • GUEST_jwXjz3W3j

    02-13 07:32:35

    I believe strongly that he is referring to Mr Osafo Manfo

  • AugustineAmenano

    02-12 19:56:21

    GVC àvjgc

  • ObedNelson_01

    02-12 18:18:31

    Hmmmm our preachers today will kill us oh


    02-12 18:09:51

    stupid blogger,someone is preaching the word of God as it is,why do you want to destroy people's minds

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