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I Received A Gift From My Boyfriend I've Dated For 10Yrs & This is What Happened To Me After 3Days | All Comments

2021-03-28 08:46:28
My name is Abigail Sarpong from Kwamang in the Ashanti region of Ghana.I am 25 years old and I am a trained nurse by profession.I was born and raised in Kwamang in the Sekyere Central district in the Ashanti Region. ...
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  • PumaLee

    03-28 10:38:46

    Just look at that huge gutter between your legs!!!


    03-28 10:51:49

    hello madam Abigail sarpong the guy is using you for money rituals so what I have to tell you, us a beautiful QUEEN sister or my lovely Queen put a stop to it

  • AgbekoBismarkAmenorfe

    03-28 12:02:18

    I wonder why you would venture into this,just be smart and quiet fast before you become gone too soon

  • GUEST_bBQv8BdPr

    03-28 12:55:26

    Useless end time children. Look at ur dressing you not ashame of yourself. Let the guy kill you cos you are a devil who is worse than the guy. Stupid animal

  • GUEST_aVnJJbDxk

    03-28 14:55:37

    oooo Ghana what is going on see how same of our ladies desgrace themselves

  • +233-055647****

    03-28 12:56:01


  • GUEST_Nx5gY8vVl

    03-28 22:33:31

    pls send back the jewerrys OK end forget about him

  • GUEST_MDk5nwG7q

    03-28 11:32:12

    Madam Abigail, I don't think you are really inviting us to your story, but I guess you want to advertise your $10 meat pie. the 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • GUEST_Olq652X5l

    03-28 10:42:16

    It is good time for you to take an immediate action before its too late. See man of God with the gift and he tell you what to do.

  • GUEST_2gw9l4XN7

    03-28 10:41:47

    Pls look for a bit believing church and seek prayre.it could be a sakawa ritual Jewel and stop wearing it.

  • GUEST_2Wrp3eR6y

    03-29 10:10:00

    stop dating him


    03-29 00:20:44

    Was that why you dress like this

  • KusiRita_01

    03-28 14:12:30

    please do fasting and prayers for both of you,please don't leave him and tell God to open eyes

  • KofiFrimpong_12

    03-31 09:27:51

    sia kwa, you dey carry this heavy load between your legs and you no dey dress well,and you are telling us you dey see nightmares in your dreams.You better blame your own self and change your attitude ,kwaseampani by all standard


    03-28 19:59:29

    Hi my beautiful Queen better run for your life you are too young to die my lovely sweetheart

  • GUEST_qPJVmowYj

    03-28 18:11:31

    you have to be careful about him because things can never go fast just in two months time please my sister don't waste your life for him to enjoy please stop dating him

  • GUEST_z3R9nEwLk

    03-28 15:03:54

    if you respect your creator and new His purpose of creating you, you would not dressed like this. your dress is equivalent to help, think.


    03-28 14:13:13

    The way you dressed or picture show in the internet, who will believe that you are a serious person ?

  • GUEST_2Wrp3eR6y

    03-29 10:11:41

    he is a money rituals stop dating him ok

  • StephenObfour

    03-28 13:13:45

    is a fake story.. she just wanted to be popular on social media.. see what between your legs "pooley"

  • +233-55402****

    03-31 09:25:41


  • IssahMed

    03-28 16:26:25

    You are not too young to die children die in whoms of their parents you are just a source of his money but you are not dying

  • GUEST_9Mw3XKpqN

    03-28 16:06:21

    madam cease him from to yr place and pray hard and don't receive any gift from him any more

  • AmponsahEmmanuel_11

    03-28 12:34:07

    Stay away from him

  • GUEST_4gG2E5oEl

    03-28 12:32:16

    Stop dressing like ashawo and take Jesus as ur saviour because that huge gutta showing can take you to different world close it for your husband other wise death is the waiting only Jesus can save so try to repent. Bro Ben so are you sir I don't think I am a man arbor hills she is good look Rihanna young young and windy somehow ok everything cool I'm decidin better 10 then stop dressing like this and dress like a Christian girl enjoying the church activities like prayer tower

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