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Another JoyNews Journalist Tests Positive For COVID-19 | All Comments

2021-02-02 17:47:21
JoyNews reporter Isreal Laryea has confirmed that, he has tested for Coronavirus after he a friend named him as a contact. According to the renowned journalist, he tested positive for the Virus after a friend of his who tested positive named him as some on ...
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  • GUEST_BjKdmxVl2

    02-02 20:11:57

    many doctors and journalists are being bribed to lie to the public about covid 19 infection


    02-02 21:34:38

    What kind of English is this? "He also confirmed that, he HAS since WENT in to self isolation and........" Please edit your blog before you post it.

  • HelenVorodam_01

    02-03 18:37:25

    Amen ,thanks Laryea,may Amighty God grant healing mercies upon you and colleague.


    02-02 23:53:25

    So what?

  • GUEST_BjKdmxVl2

    02-02 20:09:45

    it's all a lie

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