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A Mother Forces Her Little Daughter To Smoke “Shisha” And Drink Alcohol At A Party [Watch] | All Comments

2021-02-16 16:44:30
A video has gone viral on the internet for the wrong reason.In the said video, a woman who is presumed to be the mother of a little girl was giving the girl “shisha” to smoke. ...
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  • Da_Voice

    02-16 20:41:07

    she's not a mother, cuz real mum won't do this stupid thing.

  • JerryNebraska

    02-17 09:36:08

    Stupidity and madness..how could you start training your daughter on this bad habbit

  • AttiKoffiDominicDodoo

    02-17 17:43:45

    where is the father of the child? chaiii

  • Vivunorzemexodaidogolome

    02-17 01:17:18

    No, she's not a mother; she's merely an adult female human being endowed with the capacity to have a child.

  • GUEST_Exm6ApKnW

    02-16 19:57:00

    useless mother

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