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Thaddeus Sory ‘Grilled’ By Bernard Avle On ‘Point Of View’ Over Caution To Media. | All Comments

2021-03-02 11:12:01
One of the trending issues currently in the media space has been the resounding response of the Ghana Journalist Association and other political experts over the letter from the lawyers of the Judicial Service cautioning the media against provoking and ant ...
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  • GUEST_k5pKPbD0Z

    03-02 12:15:49

    I watched the show and Thaddeus didn't have it easy

  • ClearNews

    03-02 12:18:16

    These are the people we need.

  • +233-24092****

    03-03 10:17:01

    You see this is how our Northern brothers are used, how can you write such a letter on behalf of the judiciary what is the judicial secretary doing you have damage your carrier if you care to know


    03-02 12:29:54

    I can't even laugh

  • +233-54072****

    03-02 12:27:41

    You can't gag us few days to a major verdict

  • ClearNews

    03-02 12:18:01

    Good job from Bernard. The guy is multi talented

  • GUEST_k5pKPbD0Z

    03-02 12:16:15

    You can't gag us . Do your work well and stop the threats

  • GUEST_k5pKPbD0Z

    03-02 12:15:26

    I must say Bernard is one of the best

  • +233-54072****

    03-02 12:27:12

    Political elements at work


    03-02 12:30:19

    Are they scared?


    03-02 20:20:09

    so what has happened to Kennedy's case with the judge and you say someone should not disseminate issues by the judge who is paid by our tax

  • SelaseProsper

    03-02 20:11:19

    What is this man saying? That giving orders for publications to be pulled down and production considered by him and his group as hateful should not be published is not an ac of gagging? Do we have a different English Dictionary for lawyers? What he wrote was plain English so he should please give us s break. If you know that your conscience is clean as to what you are about to do, why worry about what people may negatively think? Will it not be proper to think that since we live in a dissenting society majority will rather be on your side for doing what is honourable? Hmmmm Ghana paaaa

  • +233-54072****

    03-02 12:28:07

    If the Judiciary wants better reportage they should act independently

  • GUEST_1nLL8oD33

    03-02 15:50:49

    thaddeus is the type of lawyer who goes for anything that will pay. he will defend anyone. a lawyer must also have a conscience. doing the bidding of the tyrant.

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