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"He Fears That Foreign Aid Will Be Cut, He Can't Come Out But He Is Interested" | All Comments

2021-02-21 17:23:40
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) people have already established their physical office here in Accra, Ghana and up till now some Ghanaians are expecting some response from the President of the Land, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo concerning this ...
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  • EmmanuelFrimpongManso

    02-21 18:37:08

    I know Nana never go back on his words, he has demonstrate it many times and there is no way he will accept LGBT. even if he does the country will force him to stop it. nobody can decide for Ghanaians not even the president. they should try it and we will burn all of them alive.

  • StellaSomy

    02-24 10:06:15

    Animals are even far better than them

  • GUEST_1dZ1l70xv

    02-21 22:18:47

    He Is A Leader Of Principles He Won't Accept This Abomination In His Time As President Then What Is The Sense To Built This Muilty Popurse Cathedral

  • AlbertKwameArthur

    02-22 07:48:01

    As for this one dea I agree with the former president

  • GUEST_k10lL2g5l

    02-21 21:16:53

    Right right.. Thieves also have right to steal... Rubbish...

  • StellaSomy

    02-24 10:04:40

    what kind of Government is this one too

  • ElezahPaul_01

    02-22 10:42:26

    the sitting president should stand on his feet to demolish the office of the LBTG

  • +233-54897****

    02-22 06:34:06

    it is not about stilling a verdict

  • GUEST_Wd47Y1WvE

    02-21 21:34:35

    Nana Stop the hyppocracy you are interested but try it and you will see the wrath of God stupid leader your works will manifest in the broad day light tell us the use of the National Cathedral you are planning to build isn't it the place where this foolish things will be taking place?


    02-22 16:50:42

    This is upsolutry noisese Nana can accept this foolishness of this so guys should stop posting foolishness and madness


    02-22 13:46:39

    when you put your hand in sick persons food, you must eat it. thus what is happening in Ghana. the wicked would know no peace

  • GUEST_Wd47Y1WvE

    02-21 21:43:23

    This is the outcome of by force leadership contest you try 1st and second you loosed and you try to compromised with this stupid demonic norms and cultural but try it in Ghana here and see you vowed to legalised it in the second term of your office but you lie you think you can fool us aren't you aware of the office they are building God punish you and your generation (One for all and All for one ) where from that term? all die be die and at all cost

  • GUEST_myxOw5zW3

    02-22 00:53:23

    hypocrisy will kill npp people

  • Payo+

    02-21 21:59:23

    What is the big deal here? Whether the president talk about it or not those who want to do that thing will be doing it and we those who hate will never think of it and if we catch you doing it in public we will beat the hell out of you Rubbish

  • GUEST_X4nl4DwqR

    02-21 19:58:25

    What sort of person is this.?Aba! There is no money bait that will pass him by.

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