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Do not do that in Court again - Kelvin Taylor boldly tells Tsatsu Tsikata | All Comments

2021-02-10 07:06:42
Ghanaian based American investigative Journalist and self acclaimed youth activist and anti-corruption campaigner, Kelvin Ekow Taylor has made a bold statement concerning the ongoing election petition hearing brought before the Supreme Court by the leader ...
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  • +233-24216****

    02-10 08:49:11

    God is watching the judges... jean Mensa must enter the box,she is not using her own money to pay herself... foolish old woman jean Mensa

  • AfrifaCharles

    02-10 10:38:01

    Kelvin you are very stupid fool if you think streets protest were the best solution why then choose to go to court. If you are a man like some of us here in Ghana who are vow to protect this beautiful land then come with your children and your whole entirely family to lead the prostex you fool idiot. I am repeat come down to the shore and lead the protect if only you are really a man.fool

  • Vicent55

    02-10 09:25:27

    Jean will mount the witness box la. even the judges are in to agreement with Tsatsu before they rise 😂😂😂😂

  • MalamAbdellah

    02-10 11:15:28

    am very proud of my dear father tsatsu may the good Lord grant him more wisdom and knowledge and good health and long life.

  • GUEST_5Dr3jlxlZ

    02-10 16:46:45

    This is a Mad Man's Talk

  • GUEST_b4nQdpAEa

    02-10 08:53:08

    she must testify to clear our mind

  • +233-20434****

    02-10 21:14:45

    How many times has Tsatsu's motions been over ruled? About 3 to 4 times since the case started so u people should stop the over hiped statements as if he knows better than every lawyer and judge in Ghana, I always say being vocal with the English language does not make one intelligent or better, the court is about law and not English speaking so fasting ur seat belts and watch Tsatsu lose the case sadly and waste Mahamas money.

  • GUEST_vo3ERwwwd

    02-10 08:17:45

    nobody can compel her to mount the witness box. the law still exist .....he who alleges must prove. . ... NDC in court could not prove its case . none of the witness could submit evidential materiality to support his evidence under oath . Tsatsu could not prove the case of John Mahama why then worrying Jean Mensah.


    02-11 16:58:58

    stupid Kelvin Taylor kwasia man.

  • GUEST_xOnemlBvn

    02-11 05:19:50

    well said my brother Keep doing the right thing for your country.

  • GUEST_dwOoO8pEa

    02-10 21:06:19

    When we are talking of profits let stop counting losses because these kelvin Taylor is nothing before zero point five(0.5). He doesn't even know what is going on in the verdict

  • GUEST_b8eXz7Xla

    02-10 18:58:44

    Greedy fools who should testistify😆😆

  • GUEST_7541R2nLZ

    02-10 15:04:24

    Kelvin Taylor shdn'nt try to think he is intelligent than any Ghanaians include the eminent Justices of the Supreme Court. He's always playing on our emotions to achieve his ulterior political motives. The way he has been attacking the eminent Justices and their intergrity, if it were the days of Justice ATUGUBA, he would have been in the police custody by now. Same shred of emotional assertions sent some NPP supporters like KEN KORANKYE to jail. The lifes of SIR JOHN and SAMMY AWUKU were painfully or seriously ridiculed and humbled when they were brought before the Supreme Court concerning the 2012 election petition. In 2012 election petition, both Tsatsu Tsikata and Afari Gyan-led EC admitted publicly that there was overvoting in some polling stations and coalition centers. I do not think that Kelvin Taylor's shouting will force the eminent Justices he disrespect to go outside the JUSTICE ATUGUBA-led precedent in the 2012 election petition. I presume there will be no overturning of Akufu Addo's victory. Rather as the Court said in 2012; that 'they will make good recommendations for workable electoral reforms', is precisely what Kelvin Taylor and most discerning Ghanaians shd expect. Kelvin Taylor left the Justices in 2012 alone. He should show respect for the Highest Court of the land and leave Justices alone in 2020 too.

  • GUEST_Wmeb4wGyE

    02-10 13:38:00

    Kelvin if you have nothing to hide or run from then come to Ghana.

  • JohnKodua

    02-10 11:45:23

    you see when you have a very bad case like this 2020 election petition you may think the judges don't like you. this is what is happening to ndc supporters how do you go to court and expect the respondent to give evidence to support your case. would you do that?


    02-10 10:51:28

    Mr TSATSU made them understand that, he is not just in the court to defend, but to teach the entire supreme court the law. Because, he is the Law and each and every one even up to children in this country know and trust in him . Especially the NPP MEMBERS.


    02-10 11:01:49

    Why is she afraid of mounting the witness box? What is she afraid of? Afari Gyan mounted it and answered all questions put to him. She should too.


    02-10 10:43:35

    its her choice and can choose not to enter. what tsatsu can do is call her on subpoena or as a hostile witness

  • Ghana_News

    02-10 08:11:08

    Will Jean Mensah testify or not?

  • ErnestBoakye_11

    02-10 21:53:56

    tsatsu is nothing before decimal point!

  • DrogbaZade

    02-10 18:22:42

    the Questions again did the NDC won the election?

  • GUEST_KWaQld8xG

    02-10 13:51:45

    Jean Adukwei Mensah is not a private person in the performance of the duty as the sole returning officer for the 2020 Presidential election. She is a public officer and no argument bothering on her human rights can be used to shield her away from mounting the dock. She is a person of public interest and paid by same public. Not only that, but also, the judges had previously dismissed a lot of applications of the petitioner with the excuse that there will be an opportunity to cross- examine her when she mounts the box. The judges should have wasted no time at all in dismissing the argument of the first and second respondents. Any attempt to uphold their untenable argument, will confirm the worst fear of the citizenry that the arbiters are in bed with the respondents because they knew very well they were not going to make Jean Adukwei Mensah mount the witness box, yet dwell on the fact that she will to dismiss petitioner's applications . You remember the famous "bridge" as quoted by her ladyship? Haven't we reached there yet? After all, what should she shiver from, when she believes in all sincerity she has upheld the trust bestowed on her as the chairperson of the EC, and the sole returning officer of the 2020 Presidential election?

  • EssienVandyke

    02-10 10:37:55

    ok let's wait for the final judgement from the supreme court

  • CharlesEntsuah-mensah

    02-10 10:29:33

    idiot criminal and if you are a man don't sneak into Ghana so that people will know that you are a man. stupid fool

  • GUEST_14lbz6ElY

    02-10 09:23:13

    jean Mensa must enter the box when she like it or not we are still waiting for her

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