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Ban sports betting now to save the youth of Ghana. | All Comments

2021-02-17 10:21:50
On the 17th of February 2021, Spanish football giants Barcelona hosted France’s own Paris Saint Germain at the Camp Nou. ...
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  • GUEST_V5o65KZ5q

    02-17 12:06:21

    I support this idea the government should ban the sports betting

  • GUEST_PrL38m4NA

    02-17 12:40:50

    The government should create more job for the unemployed youth in the country

  • Charix

    02-20 15:56:11

    I thought you would suggest more creation of jobs rather. So if the livelihood of some of the youth depends on the bet , how do you want them to survive???

  • MohammedAbass_03

    02-17 12:13:06

    yes, it's true and i surport it

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