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Video Vixen, Abrewa Mafia Arrested By Ghana Police. | All Comments

2021-02-22 10:57:16
Popular Ghanaian video vixen know as Abrewa Mafai whose real name is yet unknown have been arrested by the Ghana police.. A video vixen also referred to as a hip pop honey or video girl is a female model who appears in hip pop oriented music video.T ...
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  • GUEST_DNzk7PbYp

    02-23 16:03:41

    That is a good idea. Paaaaa they need to be arrested one by one

  • YaaGrace

    02-24 13:31:16

    Good to hear. Foolish man. Malafaka

  • DaVoice

    02-22 22:28:00

    What d f**k is dis

  • +233-059384****

    02-23 16:36:57

    is just a comedy video😂

  • GUEST_oZx5Aql94

    02-22 20:31:35

    They all need to be arrested

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