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No Bank, Shop, Restaurant, School & Church Should Open from Today, 22nd February (OPINION) | All Comments

2021-02-22 05:36:38
No Shops, Restaurant, School, & Church Should Open from Today, 22nd February (OPINION)To start with, Good Morning to all my readers and trust our nights were good. ...
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  • alexandertsetse_01

    02-22 08:37:20

    Is this coming from his Excellency the President or the blogger?


    02-22 12:47:05

    From which source?stop this nonsense and wait to hear from the right authorities.Stop misinforming ur readers

  • Abu-BakrT.K.Bibilazu

    02-22 09:57:10

    Have you granted yourself the powers to issue instructions to Ghanaians? Good luck.

  • GUEST_thgHjnVbgk

    02-22 15:24:27

    Mr. writer u don't have a job go find one, Gyimii

  • PumaLee

    02-22 08:00:22

    You are the one spreading the virus so stay at home with your lazy family.

  • DanielAyensu_04

    02-23 08:19:40

    Mr. writer, this is not good for you it's better for you to stop the nonsense, foolish

  • GUEST_j8zLAbnge

    02-22 09:41:00

    who knows JM women dogs that is

  • +233-24833****

    02-22 23:19:24

    think about trotro and Okada is very bad.

  • IbrahimDawuda_04

    02-22 21:18:14

    I am more interested in the election pitition than the so colled COVIC 19.we need peace to fight the pendemic.not to fight the pendemic without peace.pls.do the right thing

  • GUEST_elm3MyD56

    02-22 20:31:21

    Foooooooooooooooooooooooooool +foooooool=gyimi

  • tonytay

    02-22 12:44:56

    Now you are ordering us or what

  • BrightOhene

    02-22 10:47:52

    what is this aaaaah Ghana paaaa people fool paaaa ooo

  • ElormDemasio

    02-22 10:15:00

    eeeeei emoo paaa, enkrofuo, bi ejimi paa, useless blogger

  • AwuraAdwoaSaahNyame

    02-23 03:33:10

    why do you people sometimes play too much? aaaaah! where from all this? mtcheeew

  • GUEST_bw553w5BK

    02-23 02:35:07

    u are stupid writer

  • MawuliRichard

    02-22 19:06:55

    Stop fooling.if u don't have any plans,Masa keep sleeping and thinking about your self y, Usually people

  • JojoLhasta

    02-22 11:13:56

    said by who mr. blogger # I think u now has the power n the authority to make that happen right # go ahead mr president # but remember the eleventh commandments # thus shall not b caught 😡😡😡

  • MosesAjakameh_01

    02-22 10:35:22

    At times your news headlines are misleading. How can you writer "Banks, shops, restaurants and so should be closed!, and then opinion in brackets with the President's picture?.

  • googo

    02-22 09:35:21

    I hope you will feed us right? what opinion? Thunder will strike you ,if you don't stop this nonsense.

  • AdwoaA

    02-22 09:27:44

    Foolish blogger you are mad ok

  • GUEST_NpmarqKgy

    02-22 09:11:45

    Master plz stop fooling kkk

  • DanielaKate

    02-22 12:53:14

    Are you surprised ? when the president has lost control over the system what do expect ? u have all manner of people behaving like the president. Is unfortunate but that is truth.


    02-23 08:54:40


  • GUEST_gqzJOpV6Q

    02-22 17:20:56

    you are not and will never be serious

  • Jupiter777

    02-22 13:12:34

    iS that what you would do if you were in power? that's why u are only a a taĺker

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