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Sad: Lady shares how a man died because he didn't pick his friend's call. See what killed him | All Comments

2021-02-16 11:21:12
There is one thing in life that no how beautiful, handsome, intelligent, wealthy, connected etc we may be in life we can't avoid its touch; that thing is "death".Death is a debt that every mortal owes. ...
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  • +234-703366****

    02-16 13:24:09

    Wow! This is so touching and inspiring. Thank you for sharing with us. I will share it right away.

  • +234-704131****

    02-16 13:33:23

    But come to think of it. Why did the man not turn back to intercept his friend when he was still coming from the back? This is really sad. Well, I was able to learn a lesson. I will always be picking my calls no matter what.

  • +234-807120****

    02-16 13:51:57

    I was teary when I was reading the story. May God save us from untimely death.

  • +234-906213****

    02-16 13:42:33

    Oh my God! This is so sad. Truly, there is a lesson to learn from the story. May God not allow us to make mistakes that will lead to our untimely death.

  • +234-906213****

    02-16 13:44:12

    I am guilty of this thing. Thank God I read this. From this time onward, I will always be picking my calls no matter what.

  • RukyHamiduHamiduWunitira

    02-17 10:28:33

    Rip .so these armed robbers do they hv father's n mothers .?it baffles me so wicked n heartless. talking people life like that ..their end will come soon

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