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Old man of age 72 found guilty of keeping two high school girls during Easter | All Comments

2021-04-06 08:08:25
This world is loaded with shocks.They world never appeared to quit astonishing ordinary.The adolescent don't permit the young ladies to develop and the old also is doing likewise. ...
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  • JohnOcloo_02

    04-07 05:15:55

    no it can b granpa n children,wat shows dt it's true,where is de person who caught den

  • GUEST_9zrOqOlAv

    04-06 20:56:58

    Bad grammar and bad story all the same crime, no difference, they blogger and the old man are tween criminals

  • LampteyVictor

    04-06 18:08:15

    wicked old man. Instead of preparing to go and meet his maker, see what he's doing to people's future wives.


    04-06 15:57:21

    What type of English is this? Where study your English language

  • KwameAbanga

    04-06 13:35:14

    Ooo my God what is going on this world

  • Mr.Josh

    04-06 13:28:07

    As3m oo

  • +233-50711****

    04-06 09:58:49

    Dangerous old man.

  • Theodezackvilladeneymar

    04-06 10:57:21

    the old man don't respect himself

  • GUEST_gL6RgLq9R

    04-06 15:40:17

    very bad grammar

  • JingXiang

    04-07 22:54:44

    I no understand the grammar, why?

  • HajiaMaata

    04-06 12:16:53

    Why do you like repeating your writeups

  • GUEST_AlB0ve519

    04-06 11:40:07

    Blogger, please you need to very well check on the meanings of the words that you use in your write-up. You also need to improve on your grammar. It looks like certain aspects of O Level English have not been mastered by you.

  • AbubakaSadiqueYusif

    04-07 23:14:26

    So where did u school at all MR writer,what kind of English is this.na by force

  • GUEST_YdrKrNEmd

    04-06 18:36:03

    Illiterate bloggers at work. Is it compulsory to write ? What kind of grammar is this ?

  • FatimatuKarimu

    04-06 11:54:23

    they heard a rumour dat Jesus died n resurrected der so dey went to take a look if it true


    04-07 08:09:12

    idiotic blogger what are you writing

  • GUEST_qmEVKl5B9

    04-06 10:50:15

    hmmmmmm in his fault

  • Pinky.Zein

    04-07 09:49:23

    Very bad English.


    04-06 11:07:36

    change of oil

  • MaryYonggiCho

    04-07 09:19:44

    he is enjoying for the last tym before he die u say wossop

  • SirMunajjid

    04-07 03:27:38

    e chop aa e chop......e too no be mab abi😂😂😂


    04-06 12:35:21

    Please how did the two young ladis get there please the news is not completed well if I may how do we comment please.

  • JohnOcloo_02

    04-07 05:13:47

    I dnt really get u

  • Charlesasimi

    04-07 02:42:26

    this kids don't look like 18 and 18 they look much more young


    04-06 10:46:01

    The world has gone crazy 😱

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