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I Am Crying Because I Will Die Soon And My Little Girl Will Be Alone - Woman Narrates | All Comments

2020-10-17 07:30:34
This was said by a young African mother who is afraid of dying soon and leaving her child to become alone after her death. According to the content that was provided on the internet, this woman's name is Unitor Adhiambo Odumbe, a mother with a child, who s ...
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  • GUEST_qnlxY0Bpn

    10-17 17:58:48

    God will heal her in Jesus name amen

  • GUEST_J6DemdGBd

    10-17 13:17:22

    My wife just died about 2 months ago on similar issues. The husband is not pathetic at all. He has to stay and help her. I came back from UK to assist my wife, be by her side and comfort her. Why are some men heartless? I left my work and everything I was doing in London because money is not everything. I will be burying her shortly. Hers was stage 4 Pancreatic cancer. Let's all remember this lady in our prayers.

  • MargaretKwao

    10-17 13:21:21

    psalm 118 :17 says u shall not die but live and declare the works of the Lord in Jesus name amen

  • GUEST_gm9EXdm64

    10-17 13:15:44

    We plead on God to do things only he can do..


    10-17 10:15:37

    God is the greatest healer

  • albertkobbywrites

    10-17 09:20:35

    you will not die okay. may the Lord be with you

  • albertkobbywrites

    10-17 09:20:15

    oh soo sad

  • EventDreamstoReality

    10-17 12:15:43

    hmmm God have mercy

  • GUEST_yE3leqZQv

    10-17 10:49:33

    I pray to God his mighty hand on you in Jesus name Amen

  • asamoahkwaku178

    10-17 10:20:08

    we cannot understand this until we meet jesus

  • GUEST_yqgp41JqO

    10-17 17:22:40

    You will not die, my dear. I am financially strong enough to help you. But, I will always remember you in my prayers. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • GUEST_anrnbyy9z

    10-17 13:06:55

    It shall be well with her by God's grace. She will live to testify the goodness of God Amen

  • +233-24231****

    10-17 13:03:46

    she should see Tb Joshua


    10-17 13:03:15

    it is well my sister leave everything to God ,he does not fail any one . just trust in him you will testfay my dear.

  • +233-24490****

    10-17 12:56:56

    It's well with u Madam

  • GUEST_KpkvM30Gg

    11-01 11:20:35

    Divine and miraculous healing I pray for her in Jesus mighty name amen

  • GUEST_PR9o1p9O1

    10-19 04:52:52

    don't worry sis our father who is in the most high will lay his heeling hand upon you in Jesus mighty name

  • +263-77324****

    10-18 20:03:10

    God is the healer. Put all yr trust in him. Also try this herbal drink it has helped many with similar conditions. Xiazhling of Ezylife products. it's called king of all herbs.

  • MaryNkandu

    10-18 15:51:34

    u are healed in Jesus mighty name

  • GUEST_n9Ekrwe8o

    10-18 01:18:35

    May the almighty God heal you in Jesus name

  • GUEST_EwxmQNwqO

    10-18 00:18:15

    May God heal you in Jesus name

  • GUEST_dyXzOg1Xl

    10-17 23:35:16

    you will not die have Faith in Jesus Christ because he is our healer.

  • GUEST_OwbryDXp1

    10-17 23:02:55

    many people were told by doctors that they will not survived, bt upto now they are still alive and praising GOD,SAME TO YOU MY SISTER

  • RashidaMohammed_02

    10-17 21:06:39

    you will not die in Jesus Name Amen, God is God .

  • GUEST_DrRZvP2a8

    10-17 20:58:06

    may God help her

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