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I Am Crying Because I Will Die Soon And My Little Girl Will Be Alone - Woman Narrates | All Comments

2020-10-17 07:30:34
This was said by a young African mother who is afraid of dying soon and leaving her child to become alone after her death. According to the content that was provided on the internet, this woman's name is Unitor Adhiambo Odumbe, a mother with a child, who s ...
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  • MaryKufanga_01

    10-17 20:50:52

    It Shall be well in Jesus name 🙏🙏 my sister.

  • +233-27799****

    10-17 20:40:06

    God has already heard your cry, he will heal you in a miraculous way my dear, cheer up

  • +260-97404****

    10-17 19:49:51

    God will surely heal you.🙏🙏🙏

  • GUEST_9QzweqzMJ

    10-17 19:13:27

    Be healed in Jerusalem name

  • GUEST_0V7dzKR2e

    10-17 18:52:19

    God fails , he will make the impossible possible

  • MichaelAllotey_01

    10-17 17:43:45

    God will see you through

  • +265-99930****

    10-17 17:04:00

    You will not die my sister if you believe in the works of God. There is no disease that God cannot heal. Some people had a similar disease or other ailments worse than yours but because they had faith in God they were healed. Have faith in Jesus Christ and your healing is just around the corner. I pray that God should have mercy on you so that your healing can preach to those who do not believe.


    10-17 15:01:05

    U are hill in Jesus name

  • Rhanzun

    10-17 15:00:41

    don't loose hope plzz😭😭 God is there for every individual,

  • AnitaAkpan_01

    10-17 14:53:38

    God is able to heal you don't be afraid

  • +233-024491****

    10-17 14:35:27

    people get so much worried in such difficult times but one thing for sure I know salvation and healing comes from the blood of Jesus. my FERVENT prayer is for u to get well soon. Amen.

  • ThomasChala

    10-17 14:20:57

    see Prophet TB Joshua

  • AfiYaaAddoley

    10-17 14:11:53

    is only Jesus who will heal you in Jeuse name, put your trust him amen

  • GUEST_b24EexdZ1

    10-17 14:11:26

    only let her put her number on board

  • GUEST_BogowqgE9

    10-17 14:10:29

    You will not die in the name of Jesus God does not fail any one,i know the God i served she has done it before and she will do it again.stay bless

  • GUEST_b24EexdZ1

    10-17 14:08:17

    where can she be located prayer does everything just give me her cell phone number and pray for her recovery if only she believes in Jesus


    10-17 14:04:52

    My God will make a way where there's no way

  • GUEST_bVd69dBJR

    10-17 13:26:15

    She should come to korla bu you will be fine in Jesus name

  • GUEST_mX9ovgzRE

    10-17 13:26:04

    no I'm q

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