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When President Akufo Addo Speaks, He Divides The Country - KevinTaylor Roars | All Comments

2021-03-07 15:07:46
The out-spoken American based Ghanaian Journalist, KevinTaylor has made a claim that; when President Akufo Addo Speaks, he only divides the country. ...
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  • GUEST_dylWKyPml

    03-07 16:19:46

    God bless you 🙏 Kevin Taylor drop more 🔥


    03-07 16:30:20

    I loving your passion Kevin Taylor ♥️

  • AfrifaCharles

    03-07 17:24:04

    so the only work you find do is to liar against the sitting president. and criticise every wise decision he took .is that the reason why you are at America then come and learn from home

  • GUEST_a6PYjjB9Q

    03-07 16:39:25

    John Dramani Mahama is an outstanding leader and loves democracy unlike Agya serpent

  • GUEST_dylWKyPml

    03-07 16:21:08

    Akufo Addo is a nation wrecker ☠️

  • GUEST_zLlNvR2j6

    03-07 17:16:43

    You can say anything you like about hin you what he doesnt have time for people like you

  • GUEST_z461BDgP0

    03-07 16:19:28

    Why not arrest this idiot

  • GUEST_zLlNvR2j6

    03-07 17:14:10

    President Nana Addo is still your president so get this in your heard Kevine Taylor

  • GUEST_qz8d6dmyE

    03-07 21:02:28

    may you live long Mr Kevin Taylor ☠️🔥🙏

  • GUEST_DYB13d218

    03-07 17:41:52

    this NDC idiot has a serious mental conditions and needs psychiatric attention

  • EmmanuelNyarko_24

    03-08 23:10:01

    Is it possible for the devil to praise GOD?

  • GUEST_j8yEaxBJX

    03-07 21:55:29

    Snake 🐍 and sons

  • FabuloustheUnbreakable

    03-07 16:15:16

    You will continue to be in exile. hahahaha, mahama will never become president again as long as God still exist

  • VictorDartey

    03-08 11:57:28

    Don't mind this criminals

  • AfrifaCharles

    03-07 17:16:58

    Kelvin Taylor is mad don't you have elderly men at home to teach you how to respect our elders.foolish man.Iif journalism is all about this stupid thing you are doing then that profession is bogus but thank God it wasn't like ur stupid and foolish thing u are doing.fool

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