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Ghanaians Take Note! See What Is Happening In Greater Accra Region That Everybody Is Talking About | All Comments

2021-02-28 17:25:35
The news coming from the Greater Accra Region is really disturbing and it has left everybody talking about the whole incidence. ...
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  • AppiahEmmanuel_02

    03-01 01:45:15

    tell the chief and his people have hand in what is going in their communities how can police wrk and refuse yr order u by to hqrs and tell the I G P they don't respect u nonsense go to other advance countries and see chiefs have any chance of interfering in police wrk becos here in ghana whn the arm robber is fro yr town u claim he is not arm robber

  • ErasmusDoku_01

    03-02 09:48:11

    why can't such abysmal acts in our villages when the police are deadgoats with beards and ear rings

  • +234-814301****

    02-28 18:35:59

    Get those involved in this kind of wicked act

  • FrancisOscar

    02-28 20:55:44

    aboa bi beka woa na efiri wontoma my,if any insects can bite you check from your own cloth says the adage

  • GUEST_Q6oLQXzox

    02-28 19:33:03


  • SylvanusDadadzogbor_01

    03-01 06:38:27

    But what have you said as the content of your write up that will warrant any response from the public, you're SICK

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