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Mrs. Bawumia, Makes Us Proud As a Champion with Actress Julia Roberts in an International NGO. PICS | All Comments

2021-02-10 15:02:35
Ghana’s Second Lady H.E.Mrs Hajia Samira Bawumia, and Academy Award-winning actor Julia Roberts, are brilliant and excelling Ambassadors of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. ...
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    02-10 23:26:32

    The aura of beauty around Samira is Supreme

  • GUEST_2pv4lvvpd

    02-10 20:51:53

    Ugly heavy face... Dressing up isn't intelligence

  • GUEST_r7VaMWxXb

    02-12 03:49:55

    edey Pain u? hahahahaaa

  • CharlotteCarboo

    02-11 00:05:19

    Keep soaring Mrs Samira Bawumia. Beyond the skies is your target. May God bless your every endeavors

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