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N/R: Man Defiled God Fearing Lady In Tamale | All Comments

2021-02-02 20:20:29
A man in Tamale, Northern Region has defiled a God Fearing lady and decided to leave her to go. According to the relatives of the lady, the man actually proposed to their daughter and she told him that she has a covenant with God and does not want to be in ...
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    02-04 21:26:43

    No unbelievable

  • GUEST_xVYpZoDyx

    02-03 05:18:02

    These people are animals (beasts)


    02-02 21:46:26

    This man is a criminal, and can be charged for deceit or fraud. Please report to Police

  • GUEST_rX26ERY1j

    02-04 08:50:00

    We find ways of solving problems through radio stations to get ideas as to how solve problems

  • D'Axe

    02-03 16:13:21

    This man must be stoned to death

  • AdamIbrahim_31

    02-03 09:22:01

    This is a story


    02-03 08:57:25


  • RichRichie_02

    02-03 08:12:55

    So it's the Radio station the place to solve such problem?

  • AliuHusseini_01

    02-03 07:16:48

    the man should be proscute for raped and the lady must change a new husband for the sake of her life

  • Amartious

    02-03 00:12:47

    What manner of man is this? He doesn't fit to live among society, the best place for him is prison.

  • GUEST_1WDeg5Yr5

    02-03 00:10:25

    that man is a bad man

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