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Climaxing the Showdown, " the Law Faculty" verse the Student | All Comments

2021-02-02 22:13:27
Tomorrow will Mark the first day of cross examination of the Chairman of the Electoral commission of Ghana. This will be done by the acclaimed Law Faculty Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata. It's certainly going to be a day of Revelations and admission of errors commit ...
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  • JoeSenyo-Pongo

    02-03 05:15:56

    In God we trust! Our prayers are with the Luminary Tsatsu.

  • GUEST_7og7KD36O

    02-04 01:52:09

    no natter how strong your case is don't choose arrogance over decorum. Arrogance is a manifestation of foolishness. Before a fall is pride.

  • FrancisOscar

    02-03 15:53:53

    nothing in the stomach of the lizard

  • GUEST_0bd02P6rp

    02-03 12:49:49

    Godfred Dame will catch him again

  • GUEST_lzovLYaVX

    02-03 09:31:30

    I willl advice Jeam Mensah is allowed by the justices to be accompanied in the box by a soldier.Hahaha No condition permanent she can take 40 soldiers into the court yards.


    02-03 09:04:15

    Forget that illiterate Mallam. When we are applied knowledge and intelligence to solve problems, who cares about the stupid rantings of a demented and archaic person of the caliber of these nonetities


    02-03 09:02:07

    Tsatsu is the best that has happened to Ghana? What stupidity? What has he prove in court do far? Nothing. Most of his pleadings have been dismissed. Empty barrels, indeed

  • FaroukAwudu

    02-03 08:23:47

    Issahaku u are a foolish mallam and u are a stupid predicted God will punished ur foolished entirely family fool


    02-03 08:04:06

    Wednesdays is NANA ADDO star if you are a mallam or pastor and predicting then you don't know these I feel sorry for you Tsatsu Tsikata will even confuse in front of Jean mensah when you are standing for the truth you don't fear

  • GUEST_xVYpZoDyx

    02-03 06:02:42

    The most stupid caption ever posted on social media


    02-03 00:19:18

    if God willing tomorrow be the day

  • GUEST_YwYPkn3m0

    02-02 23:55:34

    Whatever happens to Jean Mensah will be her own making. We all want the truth.

  • GUEST_oqP2PNg7k

    02-02 23:43:47

    law Faculty will surely teach her to revise her concepts

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