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“The Supreme Court Settled 3 Key Matters Today” – Kojo Oppong Nkrumah | All Comments

2021-02-02 15:16:24
Today, Tuesday, February 2, 2021 saw Day 8 at the Supreme Court hearing of the case brought before it by John Mahama over flawed election results. At today’s hearing, the second witness for the Petitioner Dr. Kpessa-Whyte took his turn to be cross examin ...
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  • GUEST_PxWv3kjqg

    02-09 13:15:22

    Why this man has become so arrogant as if he knows more than even the president. You are no near tsastu. If you are talking tone down and relax you where a news anchor. Why


    02-02 16:22:45

    They all say they are winning

  • AduAsabere_01

    02-02 17:05:33

    this is just "Kontomire " case, dead on arrival.


    02-02 16:22:32

    Lie lie from that man

  • +233-54072****

    02-02 16:19:13

    Their lies are being uncovered

  • +233-54072****

    02-02 16:19:04

    Good one there boss

  • FlavianAtanga

    02-02 20:45:54

    eiiii npp you lost this case can't see it written all over you, I you think the judge will play a fool to take bribe this time all around, when Mr tiger eye is watching, no way, your cup is full pick your Belongings and leave hahaha


    02-02 17:14:30

    John mahama and Aseidu nketia must be punished severely in the ndc next elections for they have disappointed their supporters big time.

  • Adekule

    02-02 17:04:23

    Let us think. we are tired

  • EmmanuelEmman_01

    02-03 13:19:06

    ndc n lies

  • KhardiKhute

    02-03 09:06:23

    yes this is just the beginning. they thought we are in kwaku ananse story

  • GonzalvesTetteh

    02-03 07:10:39

    The woman ndc have accused of manipulating the process to favour npp is now accused for instructing Rojo and Whyte to leave the strong room and they left jon jon away like bulu? What a kweku Ananse story

  • ErasmusDoku_01

    02-03 03:49:36

    ok i put it to you why change the prefixed venue to broadcast the results,tricky


    02-02 19:02:31

    We won't follow you pupils again ,,Joke and go on

  • DorothyMensah_08

    02-02 17:14:21

    yes he said something sweet

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