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She Might Not Get A Date On The Show, She Is There To Break Hearts-Fans Call Out Fatima Of Date Rush | All Comments

2021-02-22 08:01:54
Ghanaian fans have called out Fatima who is a contestant of the popular TV series Date Rush with them indicating that she might not get a date on the show and that she is there to break hearts A post by TV3 on their Twitter page saw Fatima answering questi ...
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  • AtubilaAnaba_01

    02-22 16:46:17

    She's REAL n dat is what I like about her. My eyes r rather on her than so called virgins.

  • GUEST_PL808d91m

    02-22 12:01:02

    I don't think that girl is there for a man

  • SalihAlhassan

    02-22 09:17:41

    There should be a standard that after (3)weeks if you don't get a partner it's better you are dropped.

  • AyinpokaAkamale

    02-22 20:54:00

    she is just there to make fun

  • SamiraMudat

    02-22 09:14:16

    Fatima just came to hv fun...😅💞✨

  • GUEST_Lg8k71j6Q

    02-22 23:17:12

    This Fatima girl must be warned

  • GUEST_yN8OEd5Oo

    02-24 19:16:19

    she's not even a wife type kraa

  • XanlaOsei

    02-22 09:42:30

    lol that girl is very bush....a villager

  • GUEST_0bJpbjAwD

    02-22 12:46:03

    I don't think she is there for a date. some are there for popularity.

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