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Jean Mensah to witness, Tsatsu has the ball now. | All Comments

2021-02-02 19:16:11
The proceedings at Parliament today witnessed the last cross examine of the the second witness of the Petitioner. It's imperative to say how laudable the events have changed and the duration of have been cut short to improve the delivery of Justice within ...
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  • SampsonObodai

    02-02 20:55:37

    I'm not sure oga Jean will have appetite for her favorite dish tonight... Cos the thoughts of Tsatsu has taken over her while being.

  • RansfordObeng_01

    02-03 00:23:29

    Mr. Tsatsu will surely prove that he is the law faculty

  • +233-54985****

    02-02 21:49:36

    Jean herself is a lawyer like Tsatsu

  • IbrahimPrah

    02-02 21:03:00

    But Jean Mensah is a lawyer

  • +233-24741****

    02-02 21:31:48

    tomorrow will be tomorrow we will watch it past, long live tsatsu

  • EdwardOkyerr

    02-02 22:26:54

    madam jean mensah has not done thing wrong what she had that is wat also mention out


    02-03 07:01:27

    Who doesn't know that Akoto Ampaw is also a great lawyer but look at his submission and compare that of lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata so not all men are men.Janne Mensah will have it day with questions upon question and there we will see if the law that she practice is a law.Stupid fools when we talk of lawyers not that of janne mensah . she will see red in court room.

  • GUEST_Nz6BeYmAk

    02-03 06:10:04

    In 2013, Afari Gyan admitted several errors so there wld be nothing wrong shd Jean also admit errors.In any case , is Tsatsu going to go kill the woman in the witness box?Thank God she is also a lawyer.

  • DavidOhene_01

    02-02 22:04:11

    nothing than to laugh silently now hmmhaahmm

  • GUEST_m8ee8lDkN

    02-03 00:20:21

    Tsatsu is a human being so stop praising him as if he is god. The will of Jehovah will prevail.

  • GUEST_1dZ1l70xv

    02-03 00:03:23

    3nkosi Aga You Do Me I Do You As They Did To Us In 2013 The Same Thing Will Happen To Them Jdm Never Again To The Jubilee House Madam Jean Yaa Asantewaa Mensa Mo Ne Adwuma Pa Madam Stand Firm I'm Solidly Behind You Both Spiritual And Physical

  • aljwnP2uNJSxmT8zUUIVAnNRQgg1

    02-02 23:56:49

    who is Tsatsu, please leave us to sleep kk because he hasn't done anything for Ghana always unnecessary argument nkoaa

  • +233-24418****

    02-02 23:48:52

    hahahaha tomorrow bi tomorrow


    02-02 23:47:22

    she will win. no one can stand her now. not Tsastu as some of you think. this is established already.

  • NasiruSani_14

    02-03 08:55:22

    ahh who is tsatsu apuuuutor

  • SethAsamoah_02

    02-03 07:37:00

    Will the questions not be based on the 2020 elections? No matter how the questions will be framed, Tsatsu must know he is dealing with another lawyer.

  • GUEST_YwYPkn3m0

    02-03 07:03:49

    I can foresee how the court room will look like. Very tense. But honestly no candidate crossed the threshold. Dat is the truth and it became the task of EC to massage figures to favour Akufo Addo.

  • GUEST_1bew1ZLdb

    02-03 06:15:57

    remember tsatsu is no more standing on the wings of the so-called revolution.we have seen how he is struggling.

  • BellBen

    02-03 01:58:33

    NDC and Mahama are confused, disturbing the nation like that. Mahama the attention seeker.

  • GUEST_N5W0J9byJ

    02-03 01:31:24

    When you are a liar how can God be with you someone like Jean Mensah

  • MarkOpoku_02

    02-03 01:21:41

    Aseeeeeeeeeem oh,win what?

  • MarkOpoku_02

    02-03 01:21:13

    Aseeeeeeeeeem oh,win what?

  • educatorsho_01

    02-03 01:15:23

    You block headed guys have forgotten that the lady is a lawyer with great reputable character


    02-03 00:13:43

    Tsatsu is a dead horse and cannot in any way twist over Jean as she will be speaking the truth against Tsatsu which will be struggling his way through.

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