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The Streets Have Always Solved Problems: Kevin Taylor Proclaims. | All Comments

2021-02-11 13:19:45
Abraham Lincoln defined democracy as a government of the people, by the people and for the people.In this modern democratic world, one can ironically define democracy as the exploitation of the masses by the few people who have been entrusted with state po ...
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  • GUEST_nNoLBd1Oj

    02-12 18:59:11

    Bring your family to Ghana and apew that nonesense kwasia. you're 20,000$ monthy is over so you're beginning to go mad. gyimifuo

  • Zapata

    02-11 15:44:28

    Kwasia boy come down to Ghana to go on the street your mother.


    02-11 16:36:01

    ɔkwasea! kwaku agyei mankani fool: All fools who will heed to his advice,well when the hot water is pouring on your bodies this twerp will cooling off in US

  • GUEST_ERrvGp5pj

    02-11 16:48:14

    GYIMIGYIMIII illiterate stupid fool kwasia bi ba, wopapa gyimii )de bi awo wo. useless fool, come to feel the paper. aboa bi ba


    02-11 21:12:05

    Oh npp all that you no is insults and stealing,if he is your brother, want you be happy ? He came down what did you do to him

  • GUEST_wlEpJByK1

    02-11 21:05:37

    U people are rather fools

  • AlexYeboah_07

    02-11 18:26:02

    Senseless and meaningless

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