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Flashback: Justice Anin Yeboah Called For A Re-Run Of 2012 Election; He Said No Party Had 50% -Video | All Comments

2021-02-17 06:50:53
Chief Justice, Justice Annin Yeboah, was part of the panel of Judges that heard the 2012 general election petition.Justice Annin Yeboah in his judgement stated that the Electoral Commission should conduct a re run of the general elections. ...
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  • GUEST_2DoBxv0qr

    02-17 10:46:31

    Justice Anin Yebuoa or what you call your self I don't believe you are a true Chief justice because you were a member of a panel of 2012 justices who did not see your way forward you have decided to go way back to pay your fellow justices back with another wrong way of judgement May God help you complete the work you are doing

  • +233-024356****

    02-17 11:52:57

    You can't even file a case, left with propaganda "NDC"


    02-18 08:03:08

    justice anin you are a fool way not today coward

  • GUEST_1WY7lwPnY

    02-17 19:21:32

    Stomach judge God will punish you

  • GUEST_gbP8O19GV

    02-17 16:24:41

    there's no respect for the justice system in Ghana.

  • +233-024356****

    02-17 11:53:34

    Aren't you ashamed of yourselves?

  • AlfredCobbinah_01

    02-18 00:00:22

    Note, if you need a goat before you allow NDC to reopen the case we are serious telling you, we don't have period.

  • +233-26701****

    02-18 02:50:06

    And that was true, but today, clearly Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo won hands down and JM is a bad loser and don't know what he is looking for. Hence, his petition is empty and frivolous.

  • GUEST_z9DeWQjz5

    02-18 09:49:04

    and today the same person is dismissing a petition filed by a party

  • AkomeahMichael

    02-17 19:40:14

    So what is the basis for this write up?. Even justice Appau whom former president mahama appointed as a supreme Court judge is seeing that this petition lacks merit. All the judges are entitled to their opinion based on law and case study. As I always say court room is a house of law not public opinion or what someone thinks.


    02-17 11:38:22

    Dr. Bawumia competently adduced evidence to support his position then

  • WindyAdzugo

    02-17 08:18:49

    so you see the hypocrisy. long live JM 2024

  • DanKote

    02-17 22:21:20

    Ghana, we're in trouble

  • JosephAckah

    02-18 06:46:21

    Bad man


    02-17 23:49:14

    he will die soon in Jesus name

  • GUEST_82kNX9DL9

    02-17 20:42:51

    Party tainted carriers of justice ⚖️

  • +233-24448****

    02-17 12:09:30

    justice Anim Anim yeboah called for run off in 2012 based on evidence adduced to the court at the time. that doesn't make his stance fix in every petition on presidential elections. those of you attacking the court for inept performance of ndc in court have you sincerely compared the performance of dr. bawumia's evidence in chief on the side of the petitioners in 2013, and no evidence in chief from petitioner John mahama but only relying on the disappointed witnesses?. don't insult Anim yeboah for ndc's inept performance in court after all their performance in court has never been encouraging since 1993 under Rawlings to 2021 under akufo addo. laziness and propaganda don't win court cases

  • MatthewGimbir

    02-17 13:36:21

    we must respect our legal system but if our legal system is contaminated, then we are doomed

  • GUEST_1nLL8oD33

    02-17 23:18:30

    a hypocritical person. where did he leave his oath of office?

  • [email protected]

    02-17 21:33:06

    Justice anin-yeboah clearly stated that 27 zero cannot declare election 2012 which clearly stated by then chair of the electoral commission who is Doctor afari-gyan said it and clearly we've never seen 27 stroke 0 can declare election 2012 therefore the four supreme Court judges who voted for a re run of the 2012 election where rights


    02-17 19:20:31

    I don't think it's proper to compare the Election Petition of 2012/13 of His Exe. Nana Addo to that of 2020/21 of Fmr President Mahama. Sustentive Evidence were provided but 2020/21 has nothing like that. Up till now the NDC has totally failed to produce proper Evidence to support their ALLEGATIONS against the EC. How on earth di you ask the EC to allow its Commissioner to testify--what? All their witnesses had no EVIDENCE at hand. However in 2012/13 Justice Anim Y. was right in his judgement.


    02-17 18:01:52

    this Man is a daft

  • [email protected]

    02-17 15:45:24

    In 2012 if justice Anin Yeboah made a verdict for a re run what are we hearing to day ? Chief justice involvement in this dispute does not sound well because this should have been given to them newly promoted judges to handle . who doesn't fear the father

  • GUEST_g5jGaOJ60

    02-17 12:24:23

    The CJ is a man of facts and principles. No one can intimidate him and his panel of justices of the SC

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