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Those Saying Ghanaians Want NPP And NDC MPs To Work Together Are Being Untruthful- Kwesi Pratt Jnr. | All Comments

2021-01-13 16:01:52
Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jnr. has said that all those trumpeting the news that Ghana's Parliament is now even because Ghanaians want both NDC and NPP to work together are propagating falsehood. The veteran journalist made this ...
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  • GUEST_MdBl9dlal

    01-13 18:18:52

    Akwasi Pratt foolish man , Hippocrates person,God will his own time punish you , kwaseakwa

  • GUEST_2V0zeZk2D

    01-13 18:04:41

    No body is saying that.NPP is ready for them pa pa


    01-16 13:23:31

    Just continue to cry more than the bereaved. Keep tickling your emotions.

  • GUEST_xkeAXLbaz

    01-16 06:09:44

    This man is confused

  • GUEST_ngYqjbwly

    01-15 02:52:29

    no,Nana must step down,we don't like you.

  • Agyaku

    01-14 16:14:49

    Immediate past history of this trend does not call for continuous pattern. Ghanaians of today are not patriotic by all social standards.

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