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Stop it: I’ll not tolerate this hogwash argument from you: Paul Adom Otchere fumes on live TV | All Comments

2021-03-26 07:02:02
Paul Adom Otchere, the Host of Good Evening Ghana on Metro Television is at it again.He has time around warned not to tolerate what he described as hogwash argument being made by some persons in the Achimota Rastafarian admission brouhaha. ...
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  • GUEST_WmnkwvZ0q

    03-28 07:50:46

    This hogwash argument was started by Mr know it all kwasi Pratt. On peace fm morning show.

  • GUEST_06K9E7dlR

    03-26 11:06:17

    for the first time in my life I support you Mr Paul ADOM,you have made sense

  • GUEST_lYzW3P61L

    03-26 08:11:53

    the boys have now gotten scholarships and free admission. forget ur achimota

  • GUEST_lYzW3P61L

    03-26 08:12:52

    we sacked our own because of dreadlocks. others have accepted them

  • GUEST_lYzW3P61L

    03-26 08:12:21

    shame on you. have you seen what God has done for them. blessing in disquise

  • GUEST_lYzW3P61L

    03-26 08:11:24

    chief supo. pau Adom Otchere. These are irrelevant

  • GUEST_lYzW3P61L

    03-26 08:13:11

    paul Adom Otchere

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