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Meet Abronye DC's Younger Sister Who Is Currently Described As 'Better Than The Old Brains' | All Comments

2021-02-10 04:14:40
The younger sister of Chairman Kwame Baffoe Abronye who spoke on behalf of the second respondent in court, has received a lot of applauds from Franklin Cudjoe. ...
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  • +233-055558****

    02-10 07:14:33

    where is the who in the story? useless story. the lady has no name? is she simply called Abronye's younger sister? what kind of journalism is this?

  • GUEST_7Kj4aXkJL

    02-10 14:12:23

    i need your help

  • BasicghAsasetre

    02-10 13:17:32

    What is her name simple!


    02-10 08:03:42


  • +233-24421****

    02-10 06:38:32

    She should thank God for her Solomonic wisdom and eloquence.

  • HonourableAbubakarSadique_01

    02-10 07:49:37

    very useless post, who is that sister of Abronye and what is her name. Mr blogger, if you don't have anything better doing better go shower and sleep and stop bothering is with these useless posts. mtcheeeeeeew

  • NiiSowah_01

    02-10 14:29:07

    Very intelligent lady

  • GUEST_BJK1qkk8v

    02-10 15:41:22

    useless comments, what's her name? abronye sister what exactly did she did extraordinary to deserve this applaud shameful blogger and followers

  • GUEST_7Kj4aXkJL

    02-10 14:13:01

    Hi dear thanks for

  • GUEST_zdo7xVXzK

    02-10 07:55:26

    uncle Frankilyn , please are you interested?? is just a question ooo please

  • JacobMensah_15

    02-10 06:30:12

    We thank God for her wonderful performance

  • GUEST_BJK1qkk8v

    02-10 15:35:30

    what better behind her is she a sickler?

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