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What is happening to Actor Hanks Anuku? - See how he looks now | All Comments

2021-02-13 22:36:30
Just like our favorite Actors always lighten up our moods, we have a responsibility to be checking on them once in a while just to know how they are faring. ...
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  • News_mystique

    02-13 23:49:55

    May God grant him long life with good health

  • +233-26826****

    02-14 03:37:21

    this two pictures have nothing in common

  • +66-86779****

    02-14 02:44:38

    He is growing old, he is not young anymore.


    02-14 00:57:43

    His still looks handsome but please take good care of yourself okay. We will always love you Mr. HANKS ANUKU

  • ObaaDorky

    02-14 03:00:05

    and how do u expect he becomes? or I don't know age is catching up with him?

  • News_mystique

    02-13 23:49:30

    He will forever remain our legend

  • MaryYonggiCho

    02-14 01:04:47


  • GUEST_3g6lyEK3Q

    02-14 01:29:19

    it could be for a movie but if not then it's the cigarette because I no what am saying

  • GUEST_VmY6M59a1

    02-13 23:49:49


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