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LGBTI Persons Are Humans Too: Just Allow Them (Opinion) | All Comments

2021-02-27 18:32:17
It is interesting how the conversation on LGBTI persons in our county has gained weighty attention in recent times.Deep within the conscience of most people, the audience given to these persons is abominable in the first place. ...
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  • SokotoGudali

    02-27 21:28:00

    If they can produce children of themselves for which a man and woman gave birth to them...they shall be accepted....but until then.... we go harass them till heaven comes down....🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • DanielObeng_18

    02-27 21:05:55

    Yes they are humans with sick minds who must be healed or killed

  • StephenBaidoo_12

    02-27 20:28:31

    You're indeed, extremely more insane than these mad people. God is slow to anger in the Holy Spirit dispensation, otherwise, all of you might have been buried alive like Korah and the other Princes. Shameful beings.

  • GUEST_7DQR6k4M4

    02-28 09:21:06

    If we should leave them because they're human beings, then of cause we should as well leave armed robbers because they're human beings. Stupid f00l, animals even don't that stupid opinion. Wise up.

  • JusticeAmanor_01

    02-27 19:39:07

    God punish u

  • WizzyElom

    02-28 09:34:03

    animals are better than them because animal wouldnt do what they are doing . they are useless beings . if our parents decided to do this how would they be brought into this world ?

  • XanderCage_04

    02-27 23:33:10

    Oh everyone has his opinion either to join or not but in Ghana here we don't do that unless some other countries but not here

  • AbrahamWins

    02-28 08:24:24

    not everyone who is wearing clothes is a normal person oo many people's are wearing nice clothes but they are mad .u are saying that, they are humans why is that u don't put food inside ur nose rather ur mouth.God will crush everyone who will follow them

  • KwartengIvor

    02-27 23:46:24


  • GUEST_kVz3b1VRL

    02-28 04:11:00

    Yes they are human in America but not in Ghana because we Ghanaians fear God

  • GUEST_jqbY92dLq

    02-28 02:52:15

    Thank u guys for the hot comments. I dont know why the world is still entertaining these demonic acts. Let's save the world together #stayawayfromsodome

  • KingsleyAcquah_01

    02-28 10:40:33

    Armed robbers are also humans and so they should be allowed. is that what you mean?

  • GUEST_YAvP4wpvO

    02-28 08:19:41

    so if they were lured or forced, should we encourage them. please be disciplined

  • GUEST_Z5aaZzQxo

    02-27 23:05:20

    Is curse to any country witch practice this devilish act.why Ghana not Arabian country like they will kill them. They should go to Kuwait and other Arabian country to do it there

  • EAB_01

    02-28 08:33:24

    leviticus 20:13

  • Paulmeda

    03-05 02:20:08

    humans beings possess turn to demons to

  • DominicAnabiga

    02-28 06:53:54

    stupid stupid you will rot in hell

  • AmoahAgyei

    02-28 02:04:32

    Let us face fact our president once said it is bond to happen and now is the time,remember do not panic the devil works through our pronouncements or anxiety.

  • Goldenbullet

    02-28 00:40:13

    God is watching u people,He will punish you😡😡😡

  • +233-24454****

    03-07 17:39:46

    your opinion is on point and the grammar too, highly eloquent.

  • GUEST_bloZyDYxm

    02-28 14:26:33

    Who tells you these Homosexuals and Lesbians are humans. What dogs will not do they are doing it. If even dogs can refuse to mount their fellow male dogs then who is wiser. These people are lower than dogs.

  • AgbekudziJohnKenn

    03-04 21:47:41

    Useless people always says,allow them

  • GUEST_A24m0Nkq2

    03-01 09:00:30

    wow what a lovely and attractive girls, I love it,


    03-01 06:29:34


  • +233-050cjjffghk

    02-28 15:34:49


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