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My Brother From Abroad Sent Me The Key to His Room, See What I Saw in It (Fiction) | All Comments

2021-02-11 03:29:01
My Brother From Abroad Sent Me The Key to His Room, See What I Saw in It (Fiction)Good Morning everyone, I am Kofi and I am from Accra, Ghana. ...
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  • ChristieBobobee

    02-11 14:34:27

    it's a dream wake bro


    02-11 09:27:46

    Pls don't tell your parents cause, you don't know why your brother didn't tell anyone till the last hour or the whole money will vanish or something may happen

  • GUEST_520oMZ3Vb

    02-11 09:34:51

    Dont tell them but make sure u take good care of them till they die

  • GUEST_QnoexwQLj

    02-11 08:55:57

    Try to save the bigger part of the money before you tell your parentsto see their actions and approach towards you. That will determine your next step to take. But still wait on the Lord so as if the money is a ritual money you'll not be affected.

  • GUEST_QbBy4Xva7

    02-11 13:24:06

    Fake news and fake dollars

  • SeniorSethGyedu

    02-11 14:02:52

    Young man be very careful pls if you trust your parents tell them but put some aside and see their reaction just pray to God first read Proverbs 19 21Shalom

  • GUEST_7Z5BElq3d

    02-11 13:00:51

    tell your parents about it because u your brother did not tell u how he got the money so what I will tell u is to tell your parents before using the money don't keep it as a secret like the way your brother do maybe is not a good money for your soul okay

  • GUEST_p95pp60zK

    02-11 20:44:09

    Mr writer take it easy

  • NanaAkosuaAdiepena

    02-11 20:22:13

    this can only happen in your dreams


    02-11 16:43:39

    since your parents are still alive and that is their son too, it will be fair and just to get them involved. I will also like to say as he said, use the money to take very good care of yourself and the family and where ever he would be, he wouldn't be disappointed.


    02-11 12:01:33

    Don't tell ur parents cos like ur brother want them to hear like he will address the letter to them rather but take good care of them OK. But remember to pay ur tithe and donate to orphanage

  • NyarkoDorothy_01

    02-11 11:29:54

    don't tell them but try invest the money to ur account take good care of them

  • GUEST_OrE1oK8g8

    02-11 10:17:38

    Good morning my darling friends how are you hope you are doing fine this is what I have for you first give thank to almighty God for your life and also thank your brothers soul for giving you this opportunity but if it's Will sound good in your mind i hope should goes before almighty God and tell God what your brother had achieve for you in but I give you this little advice that don't for gotten your brothers sweating in your life as well as God almighty let the almighty Lord keeps you strong and strong over all that you have let God be your advisor. Thank you very much God keeps your faith in the Lord alone amen.

  • GUEST_pLyzynZJm

    02-11 10:15:30

    Am sally Invest 3quarters of the money to various banks and use the rest to buy a house for yourself furnish it . Give ur thanksgiving to the church you worship. Give some to your parent s dont tell them the source of ur money but make sure you cater for their needs until they die use it wisely.

  • SamuelAddo_37

    02-11 08:54:37

    He did not tell him to inform their parents so he should keep the secret.

  • OwireduFrank_01

    02-11 08:26:56

    your parents must know about it, but before you show it to them, save the bigger part of the money yourself and show the rest to them, their actions will let you know whether to tell them about the rest or not.

  • JulietAsafoAdjei

    02-12 08:51:55

    hmmm this is fabricated story o, how can you come from Accra and at the same time in Nigeria ei boi

  • GUEST_GxDD49K8m

    02-11 16:02:21

    Split it with your family especially mother and father.

  • IWan_01

    02-11 11:26:01

    in the first place you've shown up to the public and this shows up how immaturity you're

  • VidaPerbi

    02-11 09:16:32

    tell your parents

  • +44750048****

    02-11 08:01:34


  • SamJuniorSmall

    02-12 09:55:39

    fake news

  • +233-055434****

    02-12 13:06:31

    my name is Emma, I think let your parents known. thank you.

  • GUEST_LMjPgQk6j

    02-11 19:54:39

    If you want to be selfish .keep this to yourself but remember the real owner of those monies. Left them behind

  • MarfoEdmond

    02-11 15:04:43

    Pleace my brother is better for u not to tell ur parient, but try as much as possible to take good care of them and do good use of the money

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