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Hot news: Who is laughing last now? - Ghanains react to Bulldog's arrest saga | All Comments

2021-01-13 13:05:07
Bulldog was called by the Bereau o National Investigations, BNI to answer certain quesions after he allegedly made a bold statement b that, he would not finish his office as president if he refuses to pay all Menzgold customers their monies. As they were d ...
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  • +233-024460****

    01-13 16:01:20

    So does it mean that no more freedom of speech for some group of people in the country ?

  • GUEST_Vn45lVV1x

    01-13 17:35:34

    can you people threaten your ex- president JDM?

  • RukyHamiduHamiduWunitira

    01-13 19:36:48

    There is freedom .can't help talk without threatening life .by the way who is he?God or his juju tells him. .he will.leave for ever .U did ur Susu n it collapsed n.u want the prez to pay u .thunder strike u dead .if u àr ndc so what

  • GUEST_x1WaalzEz

    01-13 19:53:13

    he is too big to cause such a senario. be wise

  • GUEST_Vn45lVV1x

    01-13 17:34:17

    those who are defending this stupidity are also bullgoats

  • GUEST_5j5eeErEM

    01-13 19:15:04

    Is the first to say something like this

  • WalterProsperApau

    01-13 17:46:51

    Nana said he'll make ghana ungovernable no one did him anything.

  • PokuWareNana

    01-13 16:07:06

    selective justice at it best under this govt,time will tell

  • AnkudeyHarrison

    01-19 20:37:54

    You can smile today but, tomorrow you will cry life is for while do good.......

  • GUEST_aKQdYM3qq

    01-16 10:09:48

    becoming former president in Ghana means nothing more, that we can treating his life without breaking the law. But if we treating the sitting president ,now we break the law and we are to arrest. Eeee Ghana God forgive us

  • GUEST_3dQ9jdOrG

    01-15 07:12:08

    Why this president is so wicked to destroy this nation

  • AmoahBio

    01-14 00:08:24

    you have freedom to speak but don't threat anyone and don't insult too

  • GUEST_vZqxwNqpP

    01-13 22:50:59

    Ghana has become toooo democratic. How does everybody stand up and threaten a whole president. Go to North Korea and open that mouth and see power

  • MaameEfeAkwaa

    01-13 22:35:55

    he should simply learn how to talk

  • GUEST_7YDyrZWdn

    01-13 22:21:07

    he can keep on misbehaving.

  • GUEST_ZJkdVa1J0

    01-13 22:05:26

    This is Bulldog's prophecy. If he has to be arrested for that then the police should go for the other people also.


    01-13 21:55:58

    akuffo addo is a wicked by forced leader of the npp, we don't have president in ghana

  • GUEST_gPY74ybak

    01-13 21:24:19

    Bulldog as his name implies is just a hubgry dog barking for food. My question is, was it through Nana Addo that menzgold collapsed? The big answer is No! He is only doing his best to support the victims of this bank so why the threat all about?

  • +233-26254****

    01-13 20:49:44

    just luk at his face bommm like mumu , Ghanafò) suso nkwasiafo) so paa


    01-13 17:39:59

    The ugliest of all

  • GUEST_NrlnD8GjB

    01-13 17:19:22

    those of you who always commend the government for selective justice don't forget nothing is permanent, yooo!!!


    01-13 17:06:03

    Oh Ghana, when will this primitive hypocrisy be a thing of the past? A human dog threatens a sitting president and you ignorantly call it freedom of speech. We have to grow.

  • GUEST_Npov95gAd

    01-13 16:35:10

    serves him right. he should stay in there small.. idiot

  • GUEST_o6x3m35AO

    01-13 16:14:21

    Stop writing nonsense

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