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My husband wanted quick money so he used my son- Mother of 3 cries out | All Comments

2021-02-18 08:51:38
A lady who is called Rita Ayine has shared his life story and it is very sad. ...
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  • GUEST_BDdjlXEz2

    02-19 07:22:28

    M et Mme la

  • GUEST_VD0GgaV0d

    02-19 01:42:48

    You should have reported him to the Police,you left him when the Money didn't come. You were also in favour,both of you will receive his or her punishment

  • GUEST_0pbVrEdBJ

    02-18 12:12:18

    Blogger, please you are fond of using FOR THAT MATTER. Please look for other expressions to polish your English. Money is good but it is not proper to use any means at all to become rich.

  • PrincessaTanson

    02-18 14:40:50

    u should ve run from the house to some where and look for a hood church to go and pray with ur kids, but all de same, God is still in his miracle mercy, he will be well and de matter will be back to de sender. bcful not to marry him again bcos his nxt sacrifice might be u. May God save us all

  • +233-054683****

    02-18 12:44:53

    what a wicked husband

  • GUEST_KbjnrqZ5m

    02-18 12:35:17

    He can be arrested provided if there is enough evidence to facilitate the investigation .

  • +233-054966****

    02-18 10:25:03

    wicked husband..... he must be arrested

  • NuhumAbubakar

    02-18 12:18:35


  • GUEST_3v7O5dJX3

    02-18 13:30:27


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