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LGBT: Nana Kwaku Bonsam sends strong WARNING to President Akufo-Addo; says the gods are angry | All Comments

2021-02-22 14:00:13
Powerful Ghanaian fetish priest, Nana Kwaku Bonsam of the ‘Kofi oo Kofi’ shrine in the Ashanti region has warned of the wrath of the gods upon Ghana if the President, Nana Akufo-Addo looks on for the agenda of the LGBT Community to prevail in the count ...
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    02-22 16:48:37

    The government should be very careful

  • GeorginaBoampong

    02-22 16:20:32

    even the gods doesn't support trumu trumu!

  • GUEST_1XWj3N8O5

    02-22 21:15:26

    Nana I second you if Nana plays we will make serious street match in the whole country


    02-22 15:57:18

    how can we allow stupid people from Europe to tell us how to marry a our fellow men, such Nonsense

  • PrincOscobosco

    02-23 05:14:47

    We thank GOD that even idols worshipers has seen that satan is not right

  • KumaYawNana

    02-22 23:12:10

    nana should go and fuke joe biden in American and see if it is good thing to do in ghana...

  • profbukson

    02-22 21:55:32

    Then these gods are to blamed for not working against he chance of becoming a president after he said it's bound for Ghana to legalise homosexuality.

  • BlackYOUNG

    02-22 16:38:22

    nana is not a good president. why we Ghanaians are not gays because if you don't want any bad news for ghana .stop or

  • GUEST_Ol5yeoL7R

    02-22 15:57:37

    But why so many odd things happening in this regime like that has ?

  • GUEST_N89L0xzpW

    02-23 09:50:06

    Who allowed them to open the office. We are living in a crazy world.

  • IsmaelTommie

    02-23 05:52:04


  • GUEST_71RkbnprO

    02-23 05:29:11

    There is any way for as Ghanaians should accept gay how can we give birth to be came successful God speak in thunder,government should be very careful about these

  • GUEST_NBbel1rB0

    02-22 22:11:47

    Akuffo Addo is not the President of Ghana. He stole the verdict. He will not see top

  • GUEST_o6x3m35AO

    02-22 20:47:16

    I agree with Kwak Bonsam


    02-23 00:24:58

    am asking a question is nana a guy if not why did he allowey them to open it

  • GUEST_R4v4y5pBY

    02-22 17:56:16

    my father Nana stop them please


    02-23 14:26:47

    Remember Sodom and Gomorrah before it's too late.

  • TampuoriAbudulai

    02-23 14:06:20

    the name of the trumu trumu referd to the carent president

  • GUEST_JnO7VBqwx

    02-23 12:29:36

    this homosexual thing should not be allowed in our motherland

  • GUEST_y8DYWyePy

    02-22 22:56:56

    Stop nana


    02-22 21:00:59

    The hypocites pastors, imams and traditional leader who ve refused to speak against the ill of Nana Addo government and the npp should now come out and speak. hypocites and pharacies You will all know no peace. coronavirus will deal with you all less you repent Acts 3:19, Romans 2: 1-29

  • +233-50572****

    02-22 15:45:13

    hahaa🤣🤣..Nana, don't worry.the gods would not be to blame..🤣

  • GUEST_mY5eJ68Lj

    02-22 15:42:55

    Send the gods after them cos they don't believe in christ any more, [email protected]

  • GladysMarku

    02-23 18:44:15

    am with you

  • GUEST_4gOPN6eB3

    02-23 13:46:23

    thus npp government for Ghana. God will punish that dwarf.

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