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Reactions As A Windscreen Cleaner Boy Meets his Destiny Helper In Traffic | All Comments

2021-04-01 06:45:38
Reactions As A Windscreen Cleaner Boy Meets his Destiny Helper In TrafficGod is the ultimate source of our help.He is our supreme helper.God uses people as conduit pipes and channels to dispense help on earth. ...
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  • GeorginaBoampong

    04-01 18:42:23

    thanks so much

  • BinashMensah

    04-01 11:02:57


  • GUEST_3kxbDDxxy

    04-01 10:28:01

    bro that has been my prayer to God, to bless me and I can also be a blessing to others. Bro God richly bless u

  • JohnAdicoNarh

    04-01 08:57:59

    A good Samaritan in our time. may good God bless you more

  • PeterDotsey_02

    04-03 12:48:33

    kindness to show to the little ones and the poor and the orphans ....The LORD IS WATCHING EVERYTHING. Let's try our best to be kind to others. ...there is a reward that the Lord will pay us all

  • GUEST_1bew1ZLdb

    04-01 15:37:00


  • Faithwork

    04-01 09:17:11

    Good but keep it private so that God could give you His blessing and not praise from people.God will never answer a prayer of some people because they over look the need of the of the poor when they have capacity to do so.all married women who are looking for a child,do this very effective: love other children, give them help in your own capacity... clothing, school fees,if you can adopt.God in His own time will embarrasse you with children.

  • +233-55114****

    04-02 00:25:14

    God bless you for sharing this meaniful word for us

  • GUEST_1KYaQ91rq

    04-01 08:55:40


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