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Asiedu Nketsia Has Asked Me to Ask You This Question – Supreme Court Lawyer To Kpessa Whyte | All Comments

2021-02-02 12:17:02
With respect to the petition on 1st February 2021, the General Secretary of the NDC's questioning as witness ended in satisfaction. Today, 2nd February, Dr. Kpessa Whyte stands in Court in the Petition case as electoral grounds and reminder of outgone acti ...
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  • GUEST_mMgoJjNpV

    02-04 10:47:27

    Will opera news learn to write good English?

  • Em_01

    02-02 16:11:41

    Where is the Mahama afa slogan?

  • GUEST_xVYpZoDyx

    02-02 15:21:29

    Who lies in this world more than the NDC?

  • DanielAhiable_01

    02-02 17:52:22

    Tortology question

  • GUEST_1dZ1l70xv

    02-02 16:40:40

    They Not Serious As Political Party They Are Just Wasting Our Time And Resources Keke Jdm Never Again To The Jubilee House As They Did To Us In 2013 The Same Thing Will Happen To Them This Year

  • GUEST_7og7KD36O

    02-02 15:14:42

    the way the NDC does its things has showed up in court clearly for all to see. Wishful thinkers.

  • FrankTekyi-Mensah

    02-03 00:57:34



    02-02 22:41:29



    02-02 19:22:00

    The results will fall on them jdm and their members

  • GUEST_wxzYoN4zB

    02-02 17:51:50


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