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What You Must Learn From Tsatsu Tsikata As A Ghanaian | All Comments

2021-02-20 17:17:29
One greatest joy of a legal practitioner is to apply all necessary legal strategies to continuously win legal cases for their clients.It's also clear that, from a legal point of view, knowing the law and it applications are two different things. ...
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  • GUEST_o6x3m35AO

    02-22 20:45:30

    JA kufuor is now suffering for witch hunting people and destroying them when he was President.

  • RogerRomero_01

    02-20 21:12:27

    Yes. Tsatsu is a very good lawyer, but I think he's been hyped too much. That is why most people think that he should at all cost win any case he handles. Stop hyping him and let him be himself. If you ask him, he will tell you that it is not all his cases in court that he has won.

  • EricBonney

    02-22 23:15:22

    That Tsatsu is the legal luminary is an understatement . He is the law .leave or take , the law . All law students should under study him including his private life style

  • GUEST_eaE6Ll6eP

    02-22 21:49:48

    yes tsatsu is good. but for the sake of cash he took up this wrong case. he knows paaaaaa that he won't win.

  • AhuMosesSitsofe

    02-21 13:37:04

    you are patron to us nor matter how things goes on your life. u must be focused to fight on until you win

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