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Maa Ophelia alias Superwoman has been "restless" ever since she took her husband's seat | All Comments

2021-01-13 09:02:12
The job of a member of Parliament is to develop legislation and nothing more, but the demands, expectations, and high promises made by Members of Parliament forced them to take on another another role in their legislative duties  From the Mfantseman cons ...
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  • GUEST_qywe4yVqD

    01-13 12:39:10

    she should be mourning her husband but I think she's heartless to be proud of entering into politics

  • GUEST_q1gDeobrK

    01-13 12:44:45

    pls how long should she mourn haven't u lost a relative b4? are u still mourning? allow her to be free, u should rather thank God for her life, this seat will never go to ndc again till the Lord comes coz of what they did to her husband

  • GUEST_Bv8gN1Dno

    01-14 18:01:23

    Will only mourning bring money to educate the children. Give her a br

  • MichaelNartey

    01-14 08:59:09

    Well done Congrats Madam Lydia for good work done and for unifying the MCE the NPP Party Executives and yourself as a common body for a common goal

  • +233-20895****

    01-13 17:33:17

    Well done ....Mrs Ophelia The good lord is by your side

  • EdwinOfoliAhinakwah

    01-13 13:17:35


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