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He Took Papa Oyedepo's Ghana Church from Him. See His Pics Now and That of Papa's New Accra Church! | All Comments

2021-02-13 10:32:23
Bishop George Adjeman was a spiritual son of Bishop Oyedepo, serving at the Nigerian Headquarters faithfully.He rose through the ranks gradually. ...
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    02-13 12:53:00

    Greediness and disloyalty do not pay. You can cheat God

  • RichardDzakpasu

    02-13 18:02:59

    It doesn't matter how many people Agyeman may gather, the facts still remain that he acted in greed, rebellion and disloyalty. Question, is God with him? THE FACT THAT KING SAUL IS STILL ON THE THRONE, DOESN'T MEAN GOD IS WITH HIM. THE HOLY SPIRIT HAS DEPARTED FROM HIM LONG AGO. HE SHOULD PREPARE TO MEET GOD, THE DOES NOT BELONG TO BISHOP OYEDEPO, BUT CHRIST. THANKS.

  • GUEST_Dbxd4x24E

    02-13 12:35:07

    It pays to be loyal.

  • GUEST_b24EexdZ1

    02-13 15:04:15

    have u forgotten the Apostolic Church vs Pentecost Church now what do we see the Apostolic has dwindle whilst Pentecost is growing mightier and financially great

  • IsaacNsonyameyeAmoahGeneral

    02-14 17:03:48

    this one everyone will speak against our own Ghanaian brother bcos he didn't do it well...to the extent that you can go to the court room smd defend yourself for this greediness... he has to apologise to the papa and ask for Gods mercy

  • GUEST_GMy3d4bNw

    02-13 19:46:59

    The least said about this post the better it is disappointing when two leaders we look up to as fathers n leaders do this God have mercy on us all

  • GUEST_5eM6MqqO7

    02-13 19:10:44

    The writer doesn't know the real fact why bishop adjeman split from oyedepo so he should come again

  • CitizenK.

    02-13 12:55:51

    the owner of an entity decides on what to use proceeds of business for. As employer u can only suggest, once ure not a shareholder forget ur best ideas.

  • BOG,N&F

    02-13 15:05:14

    I will never support disloyalty in any form, scope and shape. In Christendom loyalty is a biblical principle, failure to adhere to it attracts unnecessary curses- it's just a matter of time.

  • BelieveSammy

    02-13 18:00:29

    lessons to be learnt

  • GUEST_Wd8DB0Y2j

    02-13 14:44:16

    Greediness and disloyalty at the highest. People soon forget their source.

  • AugustineTeyePadi

    02-13 15:54:01

    please who is talking about the Apostolic church vrs the church of Pentecost, read your history well and you will know that your analysis is out of context Pentecost came out of Apostolic and not the other way round. in any case, a church is not a circular or corporate organization where we judge her performance by her financial stands. Judgement is of God.

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