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Petition Saga: Anyone in our party could be a "traitor" now - Kelvin Taylor Says | All Comments

2021-03-06 19:58:23
It is quite obvious that, Kelvin Taylor as we all know who runs as a major party bigwip in his party NDC is quite influencial and controversial in his field of work particularly in his line of justice in defending the country about what is fair and just to ...
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  • DanielObeng_18

    03-06 21:41:17

    A party left in the hands of ignorant base fellows like Taylor, Samy Gyamfi, Franklin cudjoe and prat is moribund


    03-06 22:11:57

    Nonsensical statements!!!!!

  • KojoAmoah_03

    03-06 21:47:19

    it's a desperate measure, the man is confused, upon all his pronouncements he failed to recognize that his idol didn't present any evidence to the supreme Court and he is now singing abide with me, sorry for him


    03-06 21:48:31

    Lok at his okro mouth

  • BaduSamora

    03-06 21:59:56

    Even a day born child know Allotey Jacobs as a traitor and a son serpent of corruption of Nana Addo so his day of biggest shame started in 7th December 2020 in the the central region

  • GUEST_a3p09BWmK

    03-06 23:36:56

    Mr. Blogger, pls, learn hw to spell words correctly. U make ur readers confused. U also make it difficult for readers to read ur stories bcos of improper narration n presentation.

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