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One Of These Two Things Will Happen To The NDC For Approving Akufo-Addo’s Ministers – Kwesi Pratt | All Comments

2021-03-06 09:48:47
Kwesi Pratt, managing editor of the Insight newspaper has waded into the calls that some NDC MPs have failed their party by approving minister nominees who were earlier rejected. ...
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  • LolaNews

    03-06 10:52:33

    Is Kwesi CPP or NDC?

  • GUEST_nyr6Oyk8B

    03-06 11:04:36

    Pratt knows everything on earth. Hon Hawa all the way


    03-06 10:54:34

    Kwesi is right


    03-06 10:54:58

    The MPs deserve to lose their seats. Many voted for them because of the party not their personality


    03-06 10:55:14

    The NDC will be strong

  • GUEST_1n99g3P1b

    03-06 11:09:40

    The truth is that the MPs have conspired to remove Mahama as leader of the party. The party executives are not in the loop hence Sammy Gyamfi's explosion. In fact , the entire executives will be swept away by the implementation of the conspiracy. It's a Dagomba conspiracy that will end up collapsing the NDC totally because their parochial interests will fail. They want to seize on the demise of Rawlings to do that. Konadu Agyeman Rawlings may return. She has been waiting for this.

  • LolaNews

    03-06 10:52:46

    Troubling times for the NDC

  • LolaNews

    03-06 10:52:24

    I couldn't stop laughing listening to him

  • +233-54072****

    03-06 10:59:18

    NDC will collapse soon

  • +233-55589****

    03-06 11:47:56


  • GUEST_N6nrlVrPp

    03-06 11:08:59

    Ask kwasi about DC kwame kaakyire, and others of cpp

  • +233-54072****

    03-06 10:59:26

    Things fall apart

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