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YOLO Star Aaron Adatsi buys Fresh iPhone 11Pro Max for his Baby Mama? | All Comments

2021-02-12 08:33:30
Ghanaian Young actor, Aaron Adatsi popularly known as Cyril from the popularly Ghanaian teen TV Series has proven that he's truly a lover man. ...
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  • GUEST_M0pjnKyZQ

    02-12 10:15:02

    gimmieeee two of that can open a saloon for her and can assist you when you go broke

  • OheneBraJorge

    02-12 12:08:16

    dis one to bi news? Why is bloggers making blogging work cheap like that 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • GUEST_lMJzkPgqk

    02-12 11:51:20

    Good tho but u should hv invested in ur babies future

  • Lourdes

    02-12 11:15:01

    Social media life is different from real life

  • +233-55967****

    02-12 13:33:34

    So so childish

  • PepeDeGyenerall

    02-12 12:15:02

    bloggers never learn sense kraaa, go to villages, there are alot of schools under tree


    02-12 10:27:59

    so make we do what, this is not news

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