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When we beg money from the West why turn around and fight their LGBTQI and other Policies?- Vim Lady | All Comments

2021-02-27 07:26:00
Since, the debate of LGBTQI rights protection arose biding to the opening of the National Office of LGBTQI in Ghana, many Journalist has been advocating for freedom for LGBTQI community. ...
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    02-27 15:49:19

    hmm...for me I think this question should go straight to the politicians...

  • StephenBaidoo_12

    02-27 11:38:34

    We don't beg for free money. We borrow from them to be repaid. We can't even hold them up for grants. So they have no right to push their animalistic culture on us. It's alien to our culture and behaviour. We're right thinking people, so let's tackle this inhuman and madness issue rightly.


    02-28 15:18:37

    they can stop giving us money. this are things animal don't even do


    02-27 13:21:47

    All our leaders are stupid and visionless

  • GUEST_97bOarLNq

    03-01 17:13:50

    Stupid lady, you be lesbian


    02-27 14:58:24

    may the the cuairse of Allah bee on you

  • JusticeAmanor_01

    02-27 14:55:20

    Eii maame am. surprise oop so u also one of them? hmmmmm I wouldn't be surprised u are the one Captain Smart has dare to mention her name on Monday

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