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Five Covid-19 Patient Die Russia Hospital Fire

A fire at a St Petersburg hospital has killed five corona virus patients in an intensive care unit.

The blaze was apparently started by a short circuit in a ventilator, Russian news agencies reported.

The fire has now been contained and almost 150 people have been evacuated from the hospital, the country's emergency ministry said. It is not clear yet confirmed on how many people who have been injured.

According to the World Health Organization, Russia now has the third-highest number of confirmed cases infections worldwide.

But on Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced as easing of restrictions as the country reported a record daily rise of 11,656 cases, Construction, Farming and Factory workers are returning to work across the country. This is a very sad moment for the Russians

In their capital city (Moscow), gloves , sanitizers and masks are now mandatory on public transport and in all shops located in Russia.

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