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Public Safety




Road Accident

The eastern corridor road under construction becomes an accident zone.

The eastern corridor road under construction,that is from Jasikan through Kadjebi- Akan to Menu has become a very serious accident zone in the Oti region.

For couples of weeks now four different accidents has been recorded of which several injuries has been attained.

All this happens as a result of the nature of gravels poured on the road by this contractors which makes it difficult for the people applying this road to safely reach their destination.

The people leaving in this environments are also suffering from various respiratory problems since the road is dusty.

The people's of Jasikan, Kadjebi and it's environs are hereby pleading to the president to please come to their aid by putting the contractors on track to prevent future accidents and lost of lives of their future leaders.

The chiefs and elders of the above mentioned towns caution the public especially those applying this road to be extra careful and stay safe. Thank you for reading and don't forget to share.

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Jasikan Kadjebi Menu


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