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Road Accident

BREAKING: Four persons severely injured after 2 motorbikes collided at Kadjebi a suburb of Kumasi.

In a current news this morning, four (4) persons have been reported to be in critical state after two (2) motorbikes collided at Kadjebi, a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region.

From scenes of the accidents, an eye witness narrated that, one motor rider with a passenger sitting on it was coming from a lane with a phone in his ear making a call, while the other too was carrying another two (2) people and was heading from Kadjebi at a top speed branching without paying attention.

Immediately as he turned with the phone on his ear, he veered off the road and unexpectedly collided with the one heading towards Kedjebi and both scattered on the road injuring all the four (4) people on the two (2) bikes.

The injured were reported to be in severe states. One sustained a severe head injury causing a head fracture with blood oozing from his ears giving a sign of internal bleeding. The other also had his left leg broken entirely giving indication that the leg will be amputated. The third injured person also had his right arm broken with neck fractured while the fourth person also had fallen in coma.

All four on the motor bikes sustained some severity of injuries and were all sent to the Afia Yaa Nkwanta Hospital for treatment in Kumasi.

This news was compiled mainly by the Joynews, an Accra base television station, this morning in their bulleting. It was ascertained that, the man who was on phone without concentrating had caused the accident. He is to face justice but for this moment, he has been severely injured and doctors are seeing to it that he gain his life before any judgement will be pronounced to him.

Motorists have been cautioned to be careful when driving and especially motor riders should be cautious to desist from using phones while using the road with passengers sitting behind them. Passengers should also do well to advise their riders on the usage of phones while they hired them on commercial bases to save their lives from accidents.

The accidents on Ghanaian roads are being too rampant. Seems everyday a number of people loose their lives while others get injured all on the roads of Ghana. Analysis show that, Ghana is among the most accident countries in West Africa. The percentage of accidents in Ghana is quite high compared to other West African States. The rate is getting higher and higher each day and it is heart breaking.

The Government must see to it that, the roads constructed are in good shape. Road constructor must not just take monies and do anything for motorists to use and motorists must also ensure all regulations given to them are strictly adhered to, in order to minimize our road accidents.

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Content created and supplied by: PamelaAsare (via Opera News )

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