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Road Accident

Breaking News:Kia-Reno kills a woman selling at Nkran Odokor traffic light

accidents in our country Ghana, this time of year.Hitting a pothole can not only cause damage to a vehicle’s shocks and suspension, it can also cause the driver to lose control of his or her car. Potholes can cause truck accidents and motorcycle accidents in addition to poor road conditions that often result in serious car accident injuries.

Kia Reno's vehicle loaded with a coconut traveling from Kaneshi to Odokor killed a woman who was selling on the street. According to the source, there is a terrible porthole at the traffic light. As soon as the car hit one of the portholes, the driver lost control and killed one of the women selling on the road. The driver got out and ran away when the car stopped

"Amalia, a brukina seller at the Kaneshi Odokor traffic light, was killed in the accident. “We were all standing on the pavement when the green light flashed, Kia immediately hit the gutter and turned around where we were standing. We ran away, but unfortunately Amalia gets hit and the car drove pass on her. She died immediately. If not the portholes the driver wouldn't have killed her." Amalia's co-worker disclosed

The Portholes Have been there for more than 2years. Angel tv news disclosed

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