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Beautiful Photos Of Ashley Fisher : The Lady With One Hand That Got People Talking

Ashley Fisher discovered her full potential several years ago.She is a young woman with supreme confident and can do attitude despite what many consider as a challenge.

Ashley Lost her hand when she was years in a motor traffic accident. She is a strong woman and has really impacted life with her disability.

Fisher has no memory of what happenned that day in the 1990s but she can only describes what has been told by a family member.

A toddler at the time ,Fisher was riding in a car driven by alledgedly intoxicated relative. Fisher who has not been strapped into a child seat belt, felt out of the moving vehicle, severely injuring her right hand.The driver took her home instead

and by time they finally got to the hospital it was too late.She was amputated right below her shoulder.

Ashley works as a blogger,she has over thousands of followers both on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram and also works at a Guess construction company.

My advice to other disability people would be, concentrate on things your disability doesn't prevent you doing well and don't regret the things it interfere with.

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