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"Life Is Cruel" - Meet Adwoa, The Only Survival Of A Gory Accident While Pregnant With Twins

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This article is about Adwoa Yeboah, a lady who was pregnant with twins and was traveling with her husband in a commercial vehicle that had many other passengers on board. They were involved in a gory accident that killed everyone on board leaving Adwoa as the only survival. Read to find out what also happened to the only survival, Adwo Yeboah.

Life can be cruel indeed. Sometimes certain things do happen in life such that we are unable to explain or avoid it. Even though we try our possible best to avoid some of these misery from happening but all our efforts sometimes prove futile. These tragedies of life are part of us even though they sometimes frustrate our lives and makes us regret to have even existed on this earth.

Do we even owe anyone an explanation to this world’s misery? No we don’t because only God has explanation to these happenings and knows what is best for humanity. May his will be done in all things. 

Should we say Adwo Yeboah has been one of the luckiest person on this earth in this her condition after surviving a horrific accident that took away the lives of everybody on board except hers? Adwo Yeboah in an exclusive interview on Crime Check TV explained in tears what has accounted for her facial and skin deformity some years ago.

According to the lady, she was pregnant with twins when she travelled with her husband to seek for greener pasture elsewhere since life became unbearable in their previous vicinity. They were traveling together with some others in a commercial vehicle. Unfortunately for them, they were involved in a horrific accident that killed her husband and everyone in the vehicle. She was the only person on the vehicle that survived the gory accident.

In the vehicle were some acids in containers and alcohols and this made the accident more fatal. The acids and alcohol poured on Pregnant Adwoa and led her to sustaining a severely burn and further causing her skin and face to be deformed despite surviving the accident. God indeed is a miracle working God and am sure he has plans for Adwoa and her unborn twins that is why he spared their lives despite the burns. Mysteriously, the twins in her womb were saved and delivered successful even though she encountered some delay before she finally gave birth.

Adwo Yeboah explained to the interviewer in tears and claims that she wished she had lost her life in the accident taking into consideration her current state or condition and the difficulties she has been going through with her children.

Credit: Crime Check TV.

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